Larry Baker

Director of Productivity Madison, WI

As Director of Productivity, Larry is responsible for leading a team charged with the successful development, implementation, coordination and continual improvement of Faith productivity. This includes system and process improvements, on-site/project site coaching, auditing key project expectations, productivity time studies, and training to advance productive performance and foster a culture of productivity throughout the organization. Some of Larry’s additional responsibilities include verifying best practice processes and ensuring installation standards and other applicable support processes are being executed effectively and safely. Larry also participates in various cross-functional teams (both internal and external) with a focus on continually improving organizational productivity.

Larry joined Faith in 2010 and previously served as a Senior Manufacturing Specialist at Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership (WMEP), and the President of Baker Business Consulting, where he specialized in Lean Transformation processes as well as strategic planning and repositioning. He has more than 40 years of experience managing plant and divisional operations with a focus on productivity and continuous improvement.

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