Lonnie Cumpton

Virtual Construction Technology Manager Menasha, WI

As a Virtual Construction Technology Manager, Lonnie led a team responsible for researching, developing, training, implementing and optimizing technology in Faith Technologies’ continued integration of building information modeling (BIM). This included evaluating new software, hardware, and workflows to expand Faith’s virtual construction strategies to support projects at all stages of work, as well as promoting Faith’s BIM/3D/virtual construction capabilities to internal and external customers.

Lonnie was with Faith Technologies from 2017 - 2020, and has a background in technology that has impacted the process of designing, building and operating facilities for more than 25 years. He has expertise in a wide range of technologies and strategies, holding certifications in product design/development, marketing, architecture, project management, and storyboarding; and has a significant amount of experience researching and developing methods to support BIM-to-fabrication processes.