Faith Technologies Earns AGC of America Construction Safety Excellence Grand Award

One Construction Safety Excellence Award – Split Nearly 1,500 Ways.

We thank our training. We thank our high standards. But most of all, we thank each and every one of our employees for helping name Faith Technologies the safest construction company in America.

Winning the 2010 Construction Safety Excellence Grand Award* is as exciting as it is humbling. It recognizes everything our team puts into each project — the constant training, the die-hard dedication, the will to exceed industry regulations. And it honors everything we’ve worked so hard to stand for.

So when it comes to working with us, you know safety isn’t just a sign on the wall or mere protocol. It’s part of who we are. All 1,500 of us.

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*Construction Safety Excellence Grand Award received by Associated General Contractors of America. Faith Technologies was chosen our of 22 first-place winners.